I may be bi-polar, but I'm medicated

A little window into the bi-polar world


I know that I am lucky to have finally found a partner. For a bi-polar, finding a partner in marriage, business or otherwise becomes impossible. This seems to be because you’re always planning for contingencies. “What happens when I get sick?” becomes the question.

You see, like a snake who sheds its outer skin, every couple of years, the average bi-polar becomes very ill and becomes so morphed that they no longer fit in the outer shell that once held them so comfortably. (At this at least, I’m average.) Everything you were, everything you invested yourself in becomes a paper thin piece of trash to be carried away in the next dust devil to pass by. At the end of this process, you find yourself wholly renewed. You have new friends, new job, new goals, new values, new points of view. Everything is changed seemingly overnight, sometimes even for the better. To keep a partner through such a transformation would surely be a phenomenon, and most never see it happen.

I have found one such partner in Trusty Boyfriend/Knight In Shining Armor. His valor is not lost upon me, knowing that I have been one person and come out of an episode a totally different being. He is somehow able to cope with the fact that part of me knows my current identity is a false persona, to be proven faux only upon the next shedding. Just as easily, he hopes with me that this will be the final and permanent change; that I have finally “grown up” into my adult self.


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